Injuries, muscloskeletal conditions and surgery

MLD can reduce the healing time of injuries such as sprain, strains, broken bones, orthopedic surgery and other injuries where swelling is present.

Damage to the soft tissue caused by injuries, overworked muscles and surgery causes inflammation including oedema in the injured area. Oedema is fluid that collects in the tissues and causes swelling. If this fluid is not removed from the tissues there will be an increase of secondary injury and a longer recovery period will occur.  

The total time to recovery can be dramatically reduced if the oedoma, made up of old stagnant fluid, is moved out of the area of injury. This is where MLD comes in to play. MLD helps remove the oedema from the injured tissues much faster than the body can on its own. By increasing and supporting the lymphatic system by reducing the swelling the rate of repair to the tissues/area is greatly improved, this also decreases pain and increases functionality and healing.