Swollen Ankles/legs, pregnancy and MLD

MLD during pregnancy is a great way of reducing swollen ankles

Some people experience swollen ankles. 

Check with your GP first to make sure that it's not a sign of a medical condition. MLD can help to reduce the swelling around the feet, ankles and legs.

In pregnancy swollen ankles are common. As long as the condition Pre-eclampsia, which is a dangerous complication during pregnancy has been ruled out, then MLD can help with the swelling of the ankles. During pregnancy a certain amount of swelling occurs as the circulatory system comes under increasing pressure and the body will naturally retain more water. Gravity pulls the fluid down to the lowest area of the body, hence swelling occurs at the ankles.

MLD is a gentle therapy using rhythmic, light pressure techniques. Not only will the swelling decrease in the ankle area but the treatment is relaxing and gives you time out from your busy schedule.